A Purpose-designed complete feeding system for all hatchery feeds 

Feeding aquatic larvae either dry microdiets or live feeds such as rotifers, Artemia and microalgae is still a major challenge in any hatchery. Manual feeding is time consuming and in many cases, results in over feeding causing increased organic matter in the larvae tank and waste. There are very limited number of feeding solutions for small to medium hatcheries, as well as, R&D centres which require small and accurate doses of feed in short intervals.

The ‘Hatchery Feeding System’ (HFS) was developed specifically to address the issues of hatchery feeds, dry and liquid. The HFS can deliver very small doses (minimum 20 µg) of microdiets and weaning diets (80 µg to 2 mm), live feed at any concentration (with no damage to the live organisms) and microalgae to maintain constant levels in larvae tank. 

The Hatchery Feeding System is the optimal solution for larvae feeding, with:


  • Better feeding control
  • No diet clumps
  • Even distribution across the tank
  • Reduced feed competition resulting in reduced size variation
  • Reduced waste
  • Reduced organic matter accumulation
  • Accurately feeding the larvae when and how much they need
  • Easy to clean, no contamination or bacteria accumulation