The HFS-F system is aimed at feeding microdiets and weaning diets. The system is comprised of a control panel and up to 48 HFS individual feeders.

The HFS-F advantages:


  • HFS feeder is the smallest, lightest and most compact feeder in the market
  • Weighing only 550 gr
  • HFS feeder can deliver as low as 20 mg of microdiet (tested with Biomar ProStart 100 micron)
  • The simplest feeder in the market, cleans in just a few seconds
  • Removal of hopper with one click – no tools needed
  • Continuous feeding with HFS feeders can save up to 60% of diet (no loss due to very small amount dispersed each feeding event)
  • Reduced organic matter on bottom = less bacteria accumulation
  • Better survival and homogenous larvae size