HFS Feeder

  • Easy to dismantle, clean and fill
  • Splash-proof construction preventing moisture build up inside the hopper and feeder
  • Delivery of small, accurate quantities of microdiet (minimum of 20 μg)
  • Capable of feeding 80 μm to 2 mm diet particle size
  • ‘Air knife’ assists with dispersing microdiet evenly across the tank surface (reduces competition on feed particle, resulting in reduced size variation)
  • Prevents microdiet particles from clumping (reduced accumulation of feed on the tank bottom)
  • Clear hopper made of polycarbonate that allows easy feed-level monitoring
  • No caking or condensing inside the hopper, even with the smallest microdiet
  • Feeder body made of ABS plastic (no rust)
  • Safe, 24V DC