HFS-F 00

HFS Control Panel


Choice of four different control panels:

1.  HFS-F. Controlling up to 48 feeders.

2.  HFS-P. Controlling up to 36 feeders and 18 peristaltic pumps HFS-P24. With 24 pump outlets controlling up to 72 pumps.

3.  HFS-Mini 4. Controlling 4 feeders.

4.  HFS-Mini 8. Controlling 8 feeders.


  • Easy-to-use, coloured touch screen interface
  • Remote access and control of the system. Enables the user to view, test and program the system from anywhere using the mobile app
  • Each feeder/pump can be individually programmed
  • Feeders/pumps can be grouped under the same feeding schedule
  • Feeding intervals down to 1 minute
  • Changeable feeding frequencies during the day
  • Automatic increase in feeding ratios with larvae growth (no need for daily programming)